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Program & Housing Cost

Program Fees

Boarding - $20,000 

  • Housing Cost. 

  • Food.

  • Transportation.

Local - $12,000

  • On-Court Training.

  • Individual sessions.

  • Skill development, daily routine.

  • Off-Court Training.

  • Film / Recruiting.

  • Traveling.

  • Gear.

  • Training / Education. 

Discounts offered for:

  • Being a host family for a player. 

  • Dorm house asst. manager.

  • Dorm house meal prep.

Some Scholarships & Aid offered


We offer our athletes a true, all-inclusive boarding experience with our dorm house option. Comprised of both domestic and international students from around the globe. Creating a culture of independence and responsibility through dorm style housing with a live in staff member and 24hr security.  With weekly grocery shopping all living needs are met. 

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